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Lie down in your bed, turn down the lights and enjoy a unique color experience, together with a relaxing background sound. This app can be used as a sleeping aid, to stimulate your mood, as a meditation assistant, a stress reducer or simply as an ambient light.

Enjoy a colorful and melodic experience!

 Very nice!!
For someone with insomnia, this is a wonderful thing. What's greater than hearing the ocean sound, or sounds of the forest while you fall asleep.

Aisha Richmond

 Really helps!
The best sound for me is the Tibetan bells. I work overnights so its hard for me to fall asleep during the days. This always puts me to sleep within 5 minutes. Thanks for an awesome app!

JaZzI Ra

 Relax Lamp
Having trouble nodding off... Well this app will be ur best friend. Totally can't recommend this enough...!!

Jenny Dempsey

It works for me 100% of the time when I can't sleep!! Highly recommended!!!

Carrie Hall


Combinations are a new way to experience color and music together, trying to recreate exciting natural wonder and memories with your device.

You can choose between Candle, Sunset, Dawn, Thunderstorm, Fire, Ocean, Old-Television, Forest, Fireworks and many more to come!

Lamp Mode

Choose your starting color and the sound you want to listen. Relax Lamp will generate a unique color sequence for you!

You can also set a shutdown timer, the app will automatically close after the desired amount of time.

Bineural Beat

Create your custom bineural beats and combine them with color therapy.

You can adjust the base frequency, the offset, the color yourself or just choose between some pre-configured programs (Problem solving, Relax, Sleep, Meditation, ...)

Adaptive Brightness

The “Adaptive Brightness” is a unique feature which eliminates the misleading feeling that for some colors, the perceived intensity is far greater compared to others. This lets you enjoy a smoother color experience.

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