System Tools - Modify system setting

This permission is needed to adjust screen brightness for the different color effects. The screen brightness is also adjusted when using the Adaptive Brightness feature.

Affects Battery - Prevent device from sleeping

With this permission we can avoid that your phone goes in standby when the app is running.

Development Tools - Read sensitive log data

This permission is used by ACRA to collect application log when a crash occurs. This helps us to identify bugs faster and therefore fix them properly.

Camera - Takes Pictures and Videos

This permission is needed to access the camera flash and generate thunder effects. The camera itself is never used, just the flash!

Phone Calls - Read phone status and identity

This permission is used to access the phone identifier (ID), which is needed to redeem coupons from indieyard.

Network Communication - Full network access and view network connections

This permission is used by ACRA to submit crash report to us, by indieyard to redeem coupons, for in-app advertisements/payments (LITE edition) and to submit suggestion through the app.
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